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How it works

PointStop is a new, industry-leading App that gives anyone the chance to earn cash. A PointStop can be inside businesses, retail stores or entertainment venues. Once you're inside a PointStop you instantly start collecting points, the more PointStops you visit the faster you collect points. Take a picture, post it and get rewarded.  You can then exchange your points for cash.

Get paid while you're out.

Visit a PointStop and earn points for every minute you're there. No need to swipe, tap or insert!


Rank-up to win

Collect Points and Rank up to win the ultimate secret prize! 

Get Paid to Post.

Take a picture from within the PointStop and post it on Facebook and get paid even more!



Earn cash for going to places you love!

No more restrictive coupons and 'In-Store Credits' with endless fine prints. PointStop is the iOS App that gives users the opportunity to get paid cash by simply going to places they already love and posting photos to their social media.

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You get the point.

Redeem your points for cash, Anytime!

It's so seamless, it's natural.


Safe & Secure

We use the most advanced encryption technology provided by the best in the business, because we care about your information.

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Any business or event organizer can sign up for free and create a PointStop in minutes.


Loitering detection

Our smart system automatically prevents fraud, so sit back and watch the magic bring people to your PointStop.

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